You don't have many intellectual smarts? Can you spit a sick rhyme? Will then you my man have a multi-million dollar record deal. In this page you will learn how to make your own hot tape. Shall we!

A great car for da video

1.Use many luxury brand names. For example drop names such as Versace, Gucci, etc.

2. Have expensive cars in the music video. Cars such as a gold Lamborghini, a Cadillac with wheels that cost more than the actual vehicle, and most of all the Bugatti Veyron ($1,000,000 price tag on a piece of 5000lb metal will make you seem like a big shot)

3. Illegal activities. In your mix tape mention frequent drug use, "popping fools in da hood", or telling people how strongly you dislike the police.

4. Get creative! Use words that don't make any sense in the verse you are singing! Heck, make your own words up, the possibilities are up to you!

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